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Class Remediation

Students can remediate D or F grades to earn a higher grade on their transcript.  Grades can only be suppressed by taking the same exact course through our district. If an Advanced, Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses are remediated by taking the regular college prep comparable course, both the old grade and new grade will be calculated into the cumulative GPA.  Courses remediated outside of our school district may also not grade replace D's or F's, therefore both the old grade and new grade will be calculated into the GPA.

Students must remediate courses if:

  • Earned "F" grades in the minimum a-g courses required to graduate

  • Not enough credits to graduate

  • Earned too many "D's" and therefore have a low GPA

  • Earned any "D" or "F" grades and plan to apply to 4 year colleges 

Options to remediate courses:

  1. Take a class on-line through Edgenuity. This can be done during the school year or during the summer break. 

  2. Attend summer school through our district.

  3. Attend an Extended Day class (when offered).

Planning to play sports in college?​

If you plan on playing NCAA or NAIA sports, confirm which Edgenuity classes will be accepted for remediation.

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