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Articulation is the process we use for students to choose their classes for the following school year. 

What is articulation?

In the beginning of the spring semester, counselors will present information about the following year's courses to each grade level and then have individual meetings with each student at a later date to review their choices.  (See process below.) There will also be a parent presentation before each grade level's articulation presentation to share student options.

What happens during articulation?

What you should consider when choosing classes:

  • Current grades in classes   (we use first semester grades to determine eligibility)

  • Prerequisites

  • Teacher Recommendation (Speak with current teacher and possibly a potential future teacher)

  • Overall workload of classes (Keep in mind outside of school commitments as well, i.e.                                sports, community service, job, family responsibilities, college applications, etc.)

  • Future classes (will you need a class to meet the prerequisite for classes in a future year.)

  • College and/or major admissions requirements

Articulation Dates

Current Freshmen

Articulation Video:

2/2/21, 3:30 P.M.

Found on the Freshmen Page

Class Request Input & Elective Google Form Deadline:


by midnight

Current Sophomores
Current Juniors
8th Graders

Articulation Process:


Student Portal Registration and Articulation Card

  1.  Go to your student portal in Powerschool and request your courses under the Class Registration Section. Directions and prerequisites for classes are included on the site.                                                                                           

  2. Complete the articulation card.  Must have a parent's signature of approval on card. 


              Both steps must completed before your                                      one-on-one meeting with your counselor               

Course descriptions:  found on the SRHS website, in the counseling section, under "Academics".  

Core Teacher Recommendations: Teachers will provide the following year's course recommendations directly to the counselors.

Articulation Video:

2/16/21, 3:30 P.M.

Found on the Sophomore Page

Class Request Input & Elective Google Form Deadline:


by midnight

Articulation Video:

3/1/21, 3:30 P.M.

Found on the Junior Page

Class Request Input & Elective Google Form Deadline:


by midnight

Articulation Video:

2/26/21, 3:30 P.M.

Found on the 8th Grade

Student Information Page

Class Request Input & Elective Google Form Deadline:


by midnight

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