Transcript Requests

Seniors (Class of 2022)

Final Transcript Submission Status:  Scroll down for information about how to find the submission status for your final transcript. 

Transcripts, Letters of Recommendation and other applications items, must be requested at least 2 weeks prior to the deadline. *Please do not include vacation times. Example: If your items are due during winter break or as soon as we come back from winter break, you should request all items 2 weeks prior to winter break.  See chart on the Senior page for specific due dates.

Current SRHS Students

Unofficial Transcript

All students have access to their unofficial transcript in the PowerSchool Parent/Student Portal.  Students can view the transcript directly or download the PDF file for sharing and printing.

Official Transcript Request:

See below for Official Transcript Request directions.



1) You must use Naviance to request transcripts for colleges, Scholarships and/or NCAA/NAIA. Click here for detailed directions on requesting transcripts.

(See info. about mid-year and final transcript requests below)


2) If you are applying to a college that requires a school report, counselor recommendation form and/or a counselor letter of recommendation, you MUST also complete an additional request form.  Your transcript will NOT get sent without the additional required items.   This is necessary for all colleges using the Common Application.


Click on your Counselor's name to get access to the correct form.  Click here for more information about requesting a Letter of Recommendation.

Mid-Year Transcript Request

Private & Out-Of-State Colleges: We have confirmed there was a new feature added to Naviance which requests the mid-year transcript automatically when you request your initial transcript.  Therefore, we DO NOT need students to request a mid-year transcript for private and out-of-state schools, as was done in the past. All mid-year transcripts in which an initial transcript was already requested,  will be sent the first or second week of February when all quarter 2 grades have been uploaded to the transcripts by the school district.


CSU & UC Colleges: Since CSU and UC schools do not typically request a transcript until a student commits to attending that college, we will NOT automatically send mid-year transcripts to these schools.  If a CSU or UC school informs you they need a transcript, please request on Naviance. Click here for detailed directions on requesting transcripts.

Admissions Appeal Transcript Request

If you are appealing a college admissions decision and need a transcript sent, you must request on Naviance and be specific in the notes section about how the transcript should be sent. 


Examples of possible needs to indicate in the notes section:


·         Electronically sent to the college directly from SRHS

·         Mailed to the college (You must provide the address in the notes section as well)

·         Electronically sent to the school AND mailed (You must provide the address in the notes

          section as well)

·         Electronically sent directly to you, the student, to include in your appeal paperwork


Please keep in mind it could take a few days to process requests, so do not wait until the last minute to request before the deadline.

Click here for detailed directions on requesting transcripts.


Final Transcript

Once you have chosen your college for next year, you will need to request an official Final Transcript to show proof of course completion, grades and confirmation you have earned your high school diploma. 


Click here to complete the official Final Transcript Request google form.  
*Final Transcripts should NOT be requested on Naviance. 


Final Transcripts will be sent after the school year is completed and all final quarter 4 grades have been uploaded by the district. 

Submission Status for the Final Transcript: If you have access to Naviance, please log into Naviance and click on "Colleges I am applying to". Find your college; next to your college it should say "final submitted". It will be up to your university or college to update their portal to reflect that they have received your transcript. . Please keep in mind that it may take time for your college or university to acknowledge they have received your transcript from Scripps Ranch High School, even when sent electronically, because they get thousands of transcripts to review at the same time. 

Freshman, Sophomores & Juniors

Click here to access the registrar's official transcript request form for underclassmen

SRHS Alumni & Education Verification

Transcript Requests (Class of 2015- present) or Education Verification

This may take 5-7 days to be processed.

To request transcripts or education verification, please complete the request form. Always attach photo ID and/or signed consent form. Please do not call for education verification, as no info. can be shared over the phone.

Click here for the Transcript Request/Education Verification Form.

Transcript and Records Requests 2015 and Prior

SRHS Alumni from Graduation year of 2015 and prior should submit transcript and records request via Scribbles. Please click on the link below to begin the process:


If you have further questions, please contact the SRHS Registrar, Janay Lamar.

 (858) 302-3400   ext. 3030