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Due Date 8/24/21

Course Change Requests

Once you have reviewed your current tentative course schedule in PowerSchool, if you see an error, e.g., missing class, duplicate class, wrong grade level class, etc., or would like to request course change, you must complete the Fall 2021 Course Change FormCounselors will not be able to accept class change requests via email

You should only ask for a change IF you have met the prerequisites for the course you are requesting. Please review the Course Description with prerequisites before requesting a change. 

Counselors will review ALL submissions and will make changes when possible.  Schedule changes will be made provided there is room in the class, the class fits in the student’s schedule and that the student meets the prerequisites.  Schedules are NOT FINAL and as we balance classes and correct scheduling errors, student schedules (periods and teachers) could change.  

Counselors will be working on class change requests, errors and balancing classes until the first day of school. Therefore, student schedules (periods and teachers) could change.

Please do not contact your counselor for confirmation of changes. Confirmation of changes made due to balancing, correcting errors or course change requests, will be visible in PowerSchool on the first day of school.

DUE Date: 10:00 PM on TUESDAY, AUGUST 24th.

Fall 2021 Course Concerns Form

  • Students must complete the correct grade level form. (See links below)

  • Forms will be made available on the assigned Kick-off date for each grade level.

  • Students should check PowerSchool the morning of their Kick-off date, prior to submitting a change form. Counselors are working on balancing classes and fixing errors during Kick-off, so changes may have been made since you first checked your tentative schedule.

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