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Q: How do I contact the Counseling Office?

A: The Counseling Office is open 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day school is in session. Contact the counseling secretary at (858) 621-9020 x1134 for personal service. Counseling staff list

Q: How do I enroll a new student?

A: Enrollment is available via appointment only.  More enrollment information

Q: My student is having a conflict in class with another student or the teacher or is questioning his/her grade in class. What do I do?

A: It is best to contact the classroom teacher directly first. If this does not resolve the problem, contact your student’s counselor and conference can be arranged to explore the matter further.

Q: If my student is ill, how do I get the missed homework?

A: When a student is absent from school and needs to obtain assignments, parents should first try to contact the classroom teacher directly. If this is unsuccessful, call (858) 621-9020 x1134 for assistance.

Q: How does a student contact his/her counselor?

A: Students can stop by the Counseling office before school, during lunch or after school to speak with their counselor. They may also complete a “request to see your counselor” form and they will be called in (usually within a day or two).

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