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Record Community Service

Scripps Ranch High School does not require community service hours for graduation, however we still highly recommend you participate in community service/ volunteer work.  It is beneficial for personal growth, experience in a professional world, can help you earn scholarship money for college and be included on many college applications.

Click here for information on the benefits of community service.

What should be recorded?

  • Name of business/ non-profit organization/or person with whom you helped (if not a company)

  • Title of volunteer position

  • Dates 

  • Times

  • Description of Activity (include your individual responsibilities)

  • Contact for supervisor (could be needed for future letter of recommendation or requested by a college if doing an audit on your application)

  • If given any letters or documentation from supervisor confirming you completed volunteer work, keep track of all of those items in the same place

How to recorded Community Service/Volunteer Work:

We recommend using the RESUME section on your Xello account.  This is great for keeping track of the information to use for future job applications, help with completing college applications, and is required when requesting letters of recommendation from school staff.

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