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Level Up
Summer School 2023

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The umbrella term for all summer options provided by the district is called “Level Up”. This includes remediation of classes not passed and classes that can be taken for enrichment.


If your student needs to remediate a D or F grade earned on their high school transcript, please click here to access the request form. Only fill out the first page. The counselor will use the student transcript to select the correct courses on the second page. Once the form is completed, please have your student submit it to Sandy Kish in the counseling office. Details about dates and times can be found on the form. The priority deadline for requesting summer school is April 1st. The enrichment opportunities will be shared from the district in the spring. Click here for the district's Level Up website with links to information about all summer opportunities. 

Courses offered for remediation in SDUSD summer school 2020.

Summer school offers classes that are needed to meet the minimum a-e requirements needed for graduation.  The a-e required course subject areas are Social Studies, English, Math, Science, LOTE (Only Spanish). 

VAPA, PE and College prep electives are not offered in summer school.

Advanced, Honors and AP Classes will be remediated by taking the regular college prep level course.  Therefore, the grade will get averaged into your GPA with the original grade, rather than grade replace.

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