Freshmen - 9th Grade

Important Dates

Freshman Presentation & Guide
Date: 10/28
Time: During English Class

Freshman Presentation Follow-Up Q&A
Date: 10/31
Time: During English Class

Articulation Presentation 
Date: 1/23
Time: During Physics class

Articulation Card & inputting requests in PowerSchool
Due Date: 2/3 
*Articulation Card submitted
to English Teacher

Articulation Follow-Up Meetings
Date: 2/13 - 2/16
Time: During English class


Class of 2026

Welcome to your sophomore year! Check back during the school year for important information from counseling.

Some examples of items you will find on this page in the future:

-Freshman Presentation

-Freshman Year Guide

-Freshman Presentation Follow-up Q&A

-Articulation Materials