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Summer School 2022 

Click the photo below for district information about summer school and other summer learning opportunities.

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SRHS Summer School

This summer there are two sessions for students to remediate up to 4 semesters of courses (4 credits), 2 classes each session. Each session is 3 weeks long. Session 1 is June 21st- July 8th (July 4th is a holiday, so there is no school that day) and session 2 is July 11th – July 29th. School hours are 9:00 A.M. - 1:00 P.M. If a student only needs to make up one class, they will only need to attend school for the 2 hours their class is in session. Students who miss more than 2 days will be dropped from summer school.

If you need additional assistance with the

Extended Learning Summer Opportunities 

Extended Learning Opportunities Department

Lisa Sheldon - Operations Specialist

Theresa Aviles - Operations Specialist (Bilingual in Spanish)

Courses offered for remediation in SDUSD summer school 2021.

Summer school offers classes that are needed to meet the minimum a-e requirements needed for graduation.  The a-e required course subject areas are Social Studies, English, Math, Science, LOTE (Only Spanish & French). 

VAPA, PE and College prep electives are not offered in summer school.

Advanced, Honors and AP Classes will be remediated by taking the regular college prep level course.  Therefore, the grade will get averaged into your GPA with the original grade, rather than grade replace.

Summer Enrichment Opportunities

Summer enrichment programming is being offered by the district’s VAPA, CCTE, and community partners throughout June, July, and August 2021. Enrichment opportunities will include sports camps, STEAM-based experiences, access to UCSD Extension courses, and UC Scout online AP courses. There is limited space in the college and AP courses. All enrichment options will be available for enrollment on the Level Up SD website

Elective CCTE Classes @ SRHS 

Click on titles for course description

PLTW Human Body Systems

Career Pathway Internship 1,2

Green Up and Go 1,2

Click here for the flyer with all CCTE classes offered over summer.

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