Summer School 2020

Summer School 2020 - Students will begin classes on Monday, June 22nd


Summer school in 2020 will be taking place virtually using district-issued Chromebooks and Edgenuity online courses. Students will complete all work at home and will not be reporting to a school site. Information for device distribution and online courses access will be sent later this month. (See bottom of the page for offered courses.)

Please read below and then click here for further summer school information from the district.

Who is automatically enrolled?


  • Counselors will automatically enroll any students who have an “F” on their transcript, as well as some students who were earning an "F" in P4, if their class is offered in summer school. (See below for which classes will be offered). A summer school online registration and opt-out form will be sent to all automatically enrolled students on May 21st. Due date for the registration form is May 28th. 

  • If your child previously requested to take a summer school at a school site, they will automatically be enrolled into an online course. A summer school online registration and opt-out form will be sent to all automatically enrolled students on May 21st. Due date for the registration form is May 28th. 

What if I want to remediate a "D"?

If your child DID NOT submit a summer school form prior to the campus shutdown and would now like the chance to remediate a “D” grade, please have them contact their counselor. Once their counselor enrolls a student in summer school, they will send you a message with a link to the registration form.

What if I am earning an "F" or "D" now and think I will need summer school?

If you did not receive a message with the registration link on May 21st, then you have not been automatically enrolled in summer school.  You will need to email your counselor to request summer school.  Summer school classes can fill up, so if you think it is likely you will need to remediate a class, you should contact your counselor as soon as possible.

What if I did not receive a link with the registration form?

If you did not receive a message on May 21st with the online registration form, but would like to remediate a D or F in a class offered, please email your counselor. 

Are you a student athlete?

If you are a student athlete who plans to play sports in college, please email your counselor so they know to put you in the NCAA/NAIA accepted remediation course.


Courses offered for remediation in SDUSD summer school 2020.

Summer school offers classes that are needed to meet the minimum a-e requirements needed for graduation.  The a-e required course subject areas are Social Studies, English, Math, Science, LOTE (Only Spanish). 

VAPA, PE and College prep electives are not offered in summer school.

Advanced, Honors and AP Classes will be remediated by taking the regular college prep level course.  Therefore, the grade will get averaged into your GPA with the original grade, rather than grade replace.