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San Diego Unified School District Graduation Requirements

Area A  Social Studies ~ 3 years

Area B  English ~ 4 years

Area C  Math ~ 3 years  (4 years recommended)

Area D  Science ~ 3 years

Area E  LOTE (Language OtherThan English) ~ 2 years

Area F   VAPA (Visual & Performing Arts) ~ 1 years

Area G   College Prep Elective ~ 1 year

Other Requirements Physical Education ~ 2 years

Grade Point Average 2.0 Cumulative GPA (9-12)

Total Credits 44 credits

  • Click here to view options for how to meet the LOTE Requirement

  • Click here to view the district approved Independent World Language Schools (IWLS) List

  • Click here for information about summer credit advancement for Math and LOTE

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