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Student/Parent Action Plan for Success


  Parent Action Plan

  1. Ask your student about school.

  2. Check student planner to ensure your child is writing all assignments daily. *Planners may be purchased in the Financial Office for $10 ***Free for Freshman!

  3. Have a specific study time scheduled for homework completion and studying.

  4. Review your student’s homework daily (until you see that HW completion is a habit).

  5. Contact your student’s teachers if you have concerns.

  6. Inquire about tutoring with the teacher. Schedule a meeting with them if needed.

  7. Have your student attend Peer Tutoring Monday - Thursday’s in the Library from 2:15 – 3:15 p.m. Student should  bring assignments to work on.

  8. Log on to PowerSchool weekly so you can check attendance, classwork/homework completion, test scores, etc.

  9. Review your student’s progress. See FalconTime Schedule for dates.

  10. Look at the SRHS website ( for parent/student information.

  11. Read the SRHS Weekly Bulletin (sent via email and voice message to your phone). Contact Grace Parra in attendance if you are not receiving.

  12. Encourage your student’s involvement in school activities.



Student Success Plan

  1. Write down daily assignments in planner. *If no homework, write what you are working on in class so you can review/study at home!

  2. Spend a minimum of 20 minutes studying/reviewing/practicing for each academic class per night!

  3. Complete all class and home assignments on time and to the best of your ability.

  4. Ask for help when you do not understand something! Seek your teacher’s assistance and see if there are tutoring opportunities before school, lunch or afterschool.

  5. Attend Peer Tutoring in the Library, Monday - Thursday from 2:15 – 3:15.

  6. Get the name and number from one student in each class who you can contact when needed.

  7. When absent from school, contact a classmate to find out what was missed during your absence. You may also look at the teacher’s website for information or you may email your teacher.

  8. Upon return from absence, see your teachers for missing assignments. Get clear due dates from each teacher!

  9. Check grades in PowerSchool at least once a week. See teacher immediately if any discrepancies in grades.

  10. Read Daily Announcements on the homepage of the SRHS website (

  11. Practice good Study Habits and Organizational Skills! These are two key factors in student success!

  12. See your counselor for support.

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