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Transcript Requests

Current SRHS Students

Unofficial Transcript

All students have access to their unofficial transcript in the PowerSchool Parent/Student Portal.  Students can view the transcript directly or download the PDF file for sharing and printing.

Official Transcript Request:

See below for Official Transcript Request directions.

Courses taken outside of the district while enrolled in a district school  

Please be aware that grades from other institutions outside of SDUSD authorized classes/programs will NOT be added to the student’s transcript at SRHS. Students taking these classes will get the recognition when they apply to college by adding the institution to their college application and including the course title and grade earned. 


SDUSD classes and authorized programs (e.g., Level-up summer classes offered through our district) can go on the transcript per usual. 


Students may speak with a counselor if they have any questions.

Transcripts, Letters of Recommendation and other applications items, must be requested at least 2 weeks prior to the deadline. *Please do not include vacation times. Example: If your items are due during winter break or as soon as we come back from winter break, you should request all items 2 weeks prior to winter break.  See chart on the Senior page for specific due dates.


Click here for directions about how to request your Initial, Mid-Year or Progress transcript through Xello.

The Mid-Year/ Progress transcript will include final semester 1 grades in senior year.


FINAL TRANSCRIPT request directions and link to the google form.


Freshman, Sophomores & Juniors

Click here to access the registrar's official transcript request form for underclassmen


Click here to access the registrar's official transcript request form for scholarships.

SRHS Alumni & Education Verification

Transcript Requests (Class of 2015- present) or Education Verification

This may take 5-7 days to be processed.

To request transcripts or education verification, please complete the request form. Always attach photo ID and/or signed consent form. Please do not call for education verification, as no info. can be shared over the phone.

Click here for the Transcript Request/Education Verification Form.

Transcript and Records Requests 2015 and Prior

SRHS Alumni from Graduation year of 2015 and prior should submit transcript and records request via Scribbles. Please click on the link below to begin the process:


If you have further questions, please contact the SRHS Registrar, Janay Lamar.

 (858) 302-3400   ext. 3030

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