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Summer School 2024

2024 SDUSD Summer Opportunities:

  • Remediation - in person and online (making up D & F grades)

  • Acceleration - first time math & Spanish classes online

  • CCTE Elective Credits - first time CCTE classes in person

  • Discover UC San Diego Elective credits - online classes

          Stay tuned for more info in the future about...

  • Teach Lead Internships-  Career Pathway Internship to explore teaching profession and leadership

See below for detailed info about all summer opportunities.

Bottom of the page includes a link to district summer site with all summer opportunities and a link to the Parent Summer School 2024 Informational PowerPoint

SDUSD Summer School

One session for 5 weeks 

Dates:   Wednesday, June 12, 2024 thru Friday, July 12, 2024.

                 (NO School on June 19th, July 4th and 5th)

Times:   9:30 A.M. - 1:30 P.M.


Remediation is offered to students who earned a "D" or "F" on their transcript for a graduation required, minimum a-f and/or P.E. class.



Note:  Students who requested summer school during their counselor one on one meeting had their requests uploaded into Summer PowerScheduler and were sent a confirmation email on Thursday, February 29th.  If a student needs a different class or additional classes due to grades earned in semester 2, they will need to request those additions or changes through their summer school counselors. 

Remediation courses are being offered in person or online this year. Students can only choose one option, online OR in person. These options cannot be combined.

  • In Person: 4 semesters of courses can be remediated if done in personThere will be (4) one-hour periods offered. Students who do not need 4 classes will only be required to take the number pf courses needed.

  • Online: 2 semesters of courses can be remediated if done online (Advanced versions of classes are not offered online and therefore will not grade replace D's and F's earned during the school year in advanced courses)


If you did NOT receive an email confirming you are signed up for summer school and want to sign up for summer school for a D or F already earned, or you suspect you will earn at the end of the year, please complete this 

Summer School Request Form. Priority deadline was March 27th, but we are still accepting applications.



This summer, SRHS students have the opportunity to request a course for acceleration. The following courses can be requested: Integrated Math 1, Integrated Math 2, Integrated Math 3, Spanish 1,2 , Spanish 3,4  and Spanish 5,6. Note: There is no advanced version of the math classes being offered.


Commitment: All Acceleration courses are being taught online via the Edgenuity Program. Students will be given one month (June 12th-July 12th) to complete a full year of a course. Each course requires two semesters to be complete, which means only one course can be taken for acceleration, e.g. Spanish 5 and Spanish 6, which combined count as the 3rd year of Spanish. Each semester of a course is created to take 50-60 hours (100-120 hours to complete one full course), therefore a student must be able to do a minimum of 4 hours a day of independent work online and possibly longer depending on how quickly they learn the material.


Expectations: Due to the instruction being taught through a rigorous computer program and not an instructor, as well as a short time limit, a student should be organized, well-disciplined, committed and a strong independent learner if requesting an acceleration course.


If a student will need their math or Spanish course changed for the 24-25 school year , they will need to make that request at Kick-Off once the summer class has been completed with a passing grade.


If a student would like to request a course for acceleration they must complete this Summer School Acceleration Google Form by March 27th. (Must be signed into your student account to have access to this form.)  Speak with your counselor if you are interested in an acceleration course passed the March 27th deadline.

CCTE Elective Classes 

CCTE elective courses will be offered in person (only) from 9:30 A.M. - 1:30 P.M. See summer school dates listed above. Please note not all classes are being taught at SRHS. 


Click here for the flier with course offerings and descriptions. 


Click here to request an Elective CCTE Course by March 27th. 

(Must be signed into your student account to have access to this form.)

Speak with your counselor if you are interested in an acceleration course passed the March 27th deadline. 

Teach Lead Internships

Information was sent out directly from the school district. 

Discover UC San Diego Classes

SDUSD has a partnership agreement with the Discover UC San Diego program through UCSD. Click here to see the courses being offered and a link to register. Applications are due April 19th.

Click the photo below for Parent Summer School 2024 Informational PowerPoint.

  • Slide 7 shares high school summer opportunities.

  • Slide 17 shares contact info. for summer school questions.

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Click the photo below for district information about summer school and other summer learning and enrichment opportunities.

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