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Area G: College Prep Elective & other non a-g electives

Students are required to complete  1 year of a "G" College Prep Elective to graduate. 

This requirement can be met by taking one of the classes designated as a "G" elective or by taking an A-F course above the minimum required to graduate, i.e. a 4th year of math or 3rd year of language.

*Class does not meet the a-g elective requirements, however the course has other beneficial attributes to contribute to your high school experience,  personal growth, expertise in a skill set and enhance a college application.

# Class is part of a CCTE pathway and will require you take another class in that pathway next year. Click here to view the CCTE pathways at SRHS.

Education & Child Development


Technical Theater

Technical Theater 1,2,3,4
*Can be found under "F" VAPA

Technical Theater 5,6 Honors

Physical Education


*Can be found under Physical Education


*Can be found under Physical Education

Non-Department & Elective Social Studies

AP Support Classes

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