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Naviance Resume

Using Naviance to create your resume is helpful to keep track of important information needed for applying to future jobs, colleges and scholarships. 

A resume will also be required if requesting letters of recommendation from school staff.  Letters of recommendation could be required for the following types of applications: community service, summer programs, scholarships, colleges or jobs.

  1. Log onto your Naviance account                                                                                                Click here if you need directions for how to log onto Naviance

  2. Go to the "About Me" section (found on the top right corner of webpage)

  3. Scroll down and click on "My Stuff"

  4. Click on "Resume"

  5. Under the "Add/Update Sections" click on the pink circle with a plus sign        to start your resume. You will find a list of items that could be useful on a resume.

  6. Once you have completed the items you want on your resume, you can create your resume.  Click on the words "Print/Export resume". 

  7. Under the section "Print/Export resume", click on the pink circle with a plus sign

  8. Choose a name for your resume and choose the default template, then click "continue".

  9. Check off all of the items you want included on your resume.

  10. After all items you want are checked off, scroll to the bottom and press 

  11. Once you have created your resume, you will have the option to "Edit", "Download PDF", "Download DOCX" or "Remove"

  12. To print you must download your resume as a PDF or DOCX. Then print!

How to complete a resume on Naviance

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